Will the coat be necessary?

Just been looking at the Tokyo weather forecasts for the next 14 days. Amazing how the weather forecasting can be so reliable nowadays. Tokyo looks good. Low chance of rain (less than 30%) on each of the five days I will be there.

Not so good for Mito and game day versus Kashima Antlers. 80% chance of rain, and getting down to 2 degrees in the night. Wet weather jacket plus the good old Katmandu jacket, the RFS beanie, topped off by the newly acquired Sydney FC ACL scarf. Chances are the Sydney shirt will be outside the jacket – the same look as Feb 09 for the Socceroos against Japan. Might finally get good use out of that XXL shirt I bought than swims on me.

For the last 2 days in Nikko – the weather looks pretty rough. Nights are ranging from -2 to -5 over the next fortnight, but only low chance of rain. Days will hover around 10 degrees, so for a Blue Mountains boy that will be just nice. The mystery is how much colder Lake Chuzenji will be out from Nikko. Considering the ski season goes till end of March, got a fair chance it will be freezing.

So, does the big London Fog jacket get packed for one day’s use? I am flying Qantas, so checked baggage weight is not an issue (no Jetstar Light this time). I like travelling light. Maybe a few layers of shirts will do the trick.

What I wil be taking will be a good pair of walking boots. I have a day trip to Mt Mitake west of Tokyo planned which includes a good 3 hours walking. If it does rain or snow, atleast I shall be safe on my feet. Nikko too is a place where the boots will come in handy with a fair amount of walking planned. Boots will keep the footsies a bit warmer (compared to joggers) when standing out on the terraces for the football games.


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