Shine Road pub, Nara

While my room at the Fujita Hotel might have been on special, food and drink prices reflected the 4 Star rating. On this sort of trip, the thought of paying 10,000Y to eat was not retained long. Off to find an ‘izakaya’ Japanese style pub.

Shine Road – in under the sign

There are eateries everywhere you go. Choice is not difficult if you use two basic rules. 1. go where Japanese are eating. 2. be willing choose something off a menu you may not understand. Now whether Shine Road was an izakaya or not, it was cheap, pleasant, quick and good food, and had a number of locals coming and going. The menu comprised seemingly endless varieties of meat and vegetable, as long as you wanted it fried and put on a stick. Very nice, especially the sweet potato.

After the long bike ride, a good Japanese beer was needed, so I ordered a Kirin, not in a glass but in a bottle – assuming it to be 360ml or so. Aw no, a bloody big bottle. Had to be polite and knock it off quick time.

(Sunday 13th March, 2011)


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