Get out the blinkers and ear plugs!

Yes I can be a snob, short tempered and lack tolerance. All these hidden traits returned on the evening flight  JQ20 from Osaka to Gold Coast.

When I first went to Japan, it was on the cheap, and only happened because Jetstar were commencing the Japan route and tickets were $520 return to Osaka. I’ll have one of those I said. The flights were fine, but the wait time at Gold Coast both ways was long and painful, making the trip about 16 hours either way.

The second time with Veronica we decided to pay the extra freight and when with JAL on their direct flights. Day over, night back. Excellant. This time, I went for the Qantas direct flights because they were both night flights, thus eliminating 2 nights accommodation. All good so far. But then the need to change flights.

The choice

I could have come home via Cairns, but chose the Gold Coast route. Good choice, the Cairns plane was delayed 6 hours!!

The Korean Doll

With everyone seemingly seated, and adjacent seat vacant, I thought I had won the lottery. The only vacant seat on the plane, and its next to me! Alas, soon the Cabin Steward announced that ‘we are waiting for one more passenger. We have found her at Immigration. She will be on board in a few minutes”.

And then the Korean Doll walked in (at this stage I thought she was a very tall Japanese girl). Struggling down the aisle with – I kid you not – 3 items of hand luggage, she knocked a few people in the head as she opened up every locker looking for space. Funny that, no space.

The nice man I am, I actually help her get her things in by juggling locker items. Otherwise we would still be on the tarmac. She was grumbling something as she sat down, so I commented, not quite under my breath, what do you expect when you get on last?

And her bling! I thought Snoop Dog was re-incarnated!

The mobile phone

I forgot to mention the Korean Doll was on her mobile as she came on to the plane, and continued as we sat in the seat, taxied away, and were sitting at the end of the runway ready to go. Now I know it is a myth that mobile phones actually affect plane electronics nowadays, and that not using a mobile phone is more for passenger comfort. But hell, should she get away with this as well. No I hear you say. Another, not quite under my breath – turn off the phone. She did.

Ear plugs

The number of children on a plane increases expotentially as the fare discount increases. Thus JQ20 had about 20 kids under 5, plus babes in arms. Lucky I bought the trusty ear-plugs.

The bag rustler

A guy sat next to me in the lounge with a magazine in a brown plastic type, crunchy bag. When he took it out, I could not resist a peek – would this be a flash of flesh. No – it was a manga magazine. That guy sat in front of me in the plane, at least I knew he had something to read.

But he did not read it, he proceed to move the bag everywhere. Into the seat pocket. Into the overhead locker. Back into the seat pocket. Under his feet. Back into the locker. It was so bizarre I should have laughed, but at one stage I tapped him on the shoulder and in my best english told him to leave the book and its crunchy bag in the overhead locker. He proceeded to move it around again. I forgot to say that this did not happen in quick succession – no it happened like torture, with 30 minutes or so between every movement. It was so bizarre that a Cabin Steward also came down and asked him “is everything all right , Sir?”. He didn’t ask me.

Photos in the plane

I don’t now whether it was 3:00am or 4:00am but I know I was asleep…until I thought I heard someone taking photos. Not just some simple point and click job like mine, but the digitised sound of a 35mm proper camera. Surely I must be dreaming.

No. It’s JQ20. So the guy “one out one back” is busily shooting the TV screen in front of him. I worked out what he was doing. He was taking a shot of every screen as it scrolled through the tourist information for Australia!! Another: I kid you not. Now he got my best reaction. I turned around, leaned over, and gave a scowl, and lifted up one of my eye covers (I was wearing blinkers) so that he could see the white of my eye. I think he knew I meant business.

(Monday 14th March, 2011)


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