The expensive long weekend is over

Hey, what’s money anyway? I often say to family and friends when the prospect of me and/or Veronica travelling comes up in conversation – I don’t spend my money at the pub or on the pokies, travel is my 50’s midlife crisis. Even more enticing when a football game is a drawcard.

Japan is often said to be expensive, but that really depends on your accommodation tastes, and whether you make your own way around, or travel in organised groups. A bed in decent hotels should only cost 5,000Y to 8,000Y (about $60 to $80).

Where this trip came unstuck money wise was my change in flights home. In my haste and desire to sort out flights quickly, I went online. Not able to get a flight until Wednesday night from Tokyo on Qantas (I had a return ticket for the next Sunday), I bought another one on Jetstar from Osaka for $600.

Back at home, I spoke to Qantas who said that had I phoned them they would have got me an earlier flight at no extra cost. Strong lesson learnt there!

What about travel insurance I hear you say. Well that is unresolved, but I am not hopeful as it was my choice to change flights online myself – there was no directive from the Australian Government to leave Tokyo (strongly worded advice though on the Smart Traveller website.)

(Tuesday 15th March, 2011)


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