Having got up real early to ring Veronica, I wandered around looking for a cafe place. Found one, at the end of an orderly queue of office commuters who were patiently waiting for the doors to open at 7:30am. I have seen some good queues in my days in Japan, but this one would have to be in my top 2. Precise spacing. Still, not hopping from foot to foot. Against the wall and out of the way of other pedestrians.

Chowing down with my Japanese fare of my latte from one of those instant machines, and my ham and cheese toasty, I sat next to an office worker at the bench looking out onto Asakusa-dori. No glances, no conversation, both of us fixed. And we weren’t the only ones doing this, we had probably thousands of comrades doing the same thing this morning.

(Thursday 28th July, 2011)


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