So, were you really there?

Remember how the first Apollo moon landing was faked by NASA, filmed in a big studio in the Californian desert? As a single traveler, how do I get real proof that I actually saw and did what I said happened?

Losing my wallet comes naturally, so everyone believes that one. Many Visa Card debits in Yen are a pretty fair indicator. So are trinkets like dated Kawasaki Frontale hand-fans, or used JR tickets.

But the real proof are photos of me at various and minor sights, some of which are instantly recognizable.

Enjoy. Look at the Gallery and say “this is Tony at…….”

For the technically minded, I use a cheap 4 year old Canon Power Shot A480. This trip I discovered the ‘timer’ option, as well as the ‘black and white’ option. What an expert!

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(July and August, 2011)


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Taking regular visitors routes but more often just where the trains or buses go. Japan leads the way.
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  1. Love the photos. Wish I’d been with you but someone had to keep the home fires burning.


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