Don’t miss the last train – to and From Mizuho Stadium, Nagoya

For more tips and tricks for the Central Coast Mariners v Nagoya Grampus Eight go here.

Getting back to Kyoto or Osaka without being stranded

Thankfully the game starts at 7:00pm, so will end around 9:00pm. The last (and only) Shinkansen back to Kyoto and Shin-Osaka for JR Rail Pass holders after the game are:

  • Nagoya 22:09, Kyoto 23:02, Shin-Osaka 23:16 (Hikari 531)
  • Nagoya 22:17, Kyoto 2:12, Shin-Osaka 23:26 (Kodama 683)

Sakuradori Subway Line trains leave Mizuhounojonishi Station to Nagoya every 8 minutes. The latest trains to catch to be able to catch the Shinkansen are 21:40 (for the Hikari) and 21:48 for the Kodama.

Getting to Mizuho Stadium from JR Nagoya

You might be surprised to learn that access to the Mizuho Stadium is relatively easy. The simplest option I can see is:

  • Get to JR Nagoya station;
  • Take Sakuradori (No 6) to Mizuhoundojonishi (Mizuho Stadium). Y260, 20 minutes.
  • Take any of the east exits and turn east to follow the main road that branches off Sakura Dori, for about a ten minute walk.

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