Matsumoto Taiko Festival

Taiko means great or wide-drum – and aptly describes the annual Matsumoto Taiko Matsuri (Drum Festival) held with an exquisite backdrop of Matsumoto Castle and the Japan Alps.

The stage was large, the drums large, the troupes varying from 5 or so, to 25 or 30 performers. The 1,000 or so spectators grouped together in an intimate space, some on blankets, most on folding stools. To see that day change from bright blue sky behind the Castle, to darkness illuminated by the stage lights, was extraordinary.

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The energy of the drummers is amazing, and the thumping sounds vibrate through the air, ground and body. In addition to the photos here, check out a short video from the 2011 event.

Being a social marketer from way back, I willingly answered a few questions from eager an Matsumoto Tourist Office volunteer ~ and was rewarded with a great Taiko Matsuri t-shirt, and well as a bandana. Cherished momentos of a great night.

Matsumoto is just 2 hours from Tokyo. The City itself is a delight to visit in any season, with culture, arts and history all within walking distance of the City centre. A highlight is the Matsumoto castle, which is listed as a National Treasure of Japan. Take advantage of the volunteer guides to take you through a personal tour of the 6 levels of the Castle, and its surrounds.

Sunday 31st July, 2011


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  1. Vividhunter says:

    Sounds like a great night with some awesome souvenirs. I really enjoy visiting Matsumoto, especially the castle.


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