The Mariners never looked like winning – but who cared?

Tuesday 15th May, 2012

So, the game that drew us to Japan (again) has come and gone and only now am I getting around to indexing the hundreds of photos, and compiling the videos I did not know I had taken.

On Tuesday 15th May Central Coast Mariners played Nagoya Grampus in the ACL at Mizuho Stadium, Nagoya. Amongst the 20 or so hardy (or mad) CCM supporters were my daughter Madeline, my brother Andrew and his son Dean.

Over the next few weeks I will post about the fantastic reception the Grampus fans gave us, the hour or so we spent after the game mingling with the local fans, and swapping of gear till we had nothing left to give apart from our jocks.

In the meantime, two videos:

At half time, we moved from the grandstand to the terraces. And what true traveling fan would not want to take the long way around to walk through the Nagoya “Ultras” fans? Apparently the Stadium security folk did not take too kindly to this approach, and ended up escorting one of our mob out of the Ultras area. Spoil-sport. Watch the Ultras jumping up and down here.

Can anyone tell me what the words to the chant are? It seems to be similar at all J-League venues.

And of course the motley bunch of CCM and our weak rendition of ‘we all follow a yellow football team’ to the immortal Beatles’s tune of’ ‘Yellow Submarine’.

And yes, there is a call of ‘you wanker’ to the Ref. As they say, you can take the fan out of Australia, but you can’t take Australia out of the fan. See that action here!


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