Ito port and great sashimi

Sunday 13th May, 2012

On the recommendation of the great staff at K’s House Ito Onsen, the fungry travelers followed the directions to the Tokuzo-maru restaurant: – go up the road, turn left at the JR Ito Station, first street on the left, the only sushi train, can’t miss it.

While the fishing port of Ito is only 2 hours on the Odoriko Express train from Tokyo on the beautiful Izu Peninsula, it is just about the limits for most western tourists. This certainly heightens the travel experience, but does not necessarily help in finding ‘the only sushi train’.

15 minutes of wandering around, peering in restaurant windows, and just about giving up – Madeline hollers what we longed to hear – “I found it!”

Being full of Tokyo-ites enjoying the last hours of their weekend away from the City, it took a while to get 4 stools together.

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The train certainly was going around, but not an avocado or tuna mayonnaise sushi to be found. What our Hostel helper had neglected to point out was that this place was a sashimi (raw) train!

My western palette was not used to this, but hey – we were in in fishing port, so what did we expect? Kangaroo?

The food was fantastic. With 3 preparers making your sashimi choice in front of you, it could not have been fresher. The four of us got stuck into it, and I don’t think there could be another animal from the sea that we did not eat that lunch time! Each delicacy was presented on a small ball of rice, topped with a spread of wasabi. A delight in the mouth.

To top the experience off, we met a Japanese surfer dude! Except for certain physical features, he could have been straight from Bondi Beach! Dark, tanned skin, good physique, and was wearing a Hawaiian shirt to boot! Apparently the Izu peninsula has some great surfing spots.

I couldn’t recommend this place more highly.


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