Nagoya Grampus fans. Oh what a night!

So the trip to Japan this time around was all about this. A soccer game.

Andrew, Dean, Madeline and I had come armed with Central Coast Mariners trinkets, to swap with Nagoya Grampus fans after the final whistle. Outside the Stadium and looking to eye off prospective targets for a ‘swap’, we were ambushed by dozens of home fans, themselves hoping for an international swap of a CCM flag, a scarf or literally the shirt of our back.

It only took a few minutes for all our trinkets had been given away. But the interest in taking photos with the traveling Mariner’s fans went on and on. For around 45 minutes we were crouching down with young Grampus fans, or amongst a huddle of core Ultras, or wrestling with the team mascot (who must have been on overtime as we wouldn’t let him go!). We couldn’t get away – not that we wanted to. Absolutely wonderful.

I posted a few of these snaps soon after the game, and one of the Grampus fans made contact – thanking our group for sharing a Mariners flag with their young son, a treasured token of a random meeting with traveling fans.

I do wonder who these other fans are. Maybe a names can be put to a few of these faces. And I do hope they remember us.

You might notice that our flags and banners seemed to be upside down, or back to front, at most times. What idiots we Australians are! But it was about the moment, not the technical details.

Check out a previous post about this game, including video.

Tuesday 15th May, 2012

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