The middle aged man challenge: how would you spend 3 days in Tokyo?

The balding and grey haired group for the June has grown to 5, with 3 guys on their first trip. Not yet at the dizzying 2009 heights of 11. Blame the GFC.


These poor souls are vesting the enjoyment of their holiday to the 2 wise boys who have done it all before. Being responsible for planning an itinerary that someone ends up not liking is just too onerous for my fragile mind. Friendships can be broken this way.

So fellow bloggers, story tellers and Japanophiles – if you could list 5 places to see or things to do in and around Tokyo, what would they be?


We will be in Tokyo on Saturday 1st, Sunday 2nd, and Monday 3rd before the big game at Saitama on Tuesday 4th against the Blue Samurai.

A couple of things are already sorted. Like Saturday afternoon a barbeque is likely to happen at the Australian Embassy for the traveling Green and Gold Army fans.

Tuesday afternoon is warming up for game night, at a venue yet to be determined. Fair chance the place will sell beer.

My brother and I have been to Tokyo 8 times as tourists, and have experienced the culture and history at temples and shrines, art galleries, museums, parks, the odd matsuri, and dined out at some weird and wonderful places. We have joined the throngs in peak hour trains, and at other times just sat admiring the passing parade.

Both have us loved have it all, but surely there are serious alternatives to doing much the same things over again, chaperoning the new trio? They won’t know any better.

For the record, my 5 Tokyo Tasters would be:

  • Asakusa temple precinct
  • Sumida River ferry
  • Shibuya
  • Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park
  • Ueno Park, galleries and museums
  • Otemesando and Harujuku
  • Government Tower Observation deck, Shinjuku
  • Ghibli Museum, Mitaka

Did I say just 5?


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3 Responses to The middle aged man challenge: how would you spend 3 days in Tokyo?

  1. Tsukiji would be #1 for me.


  2. Mustang.Koji says:

    Too late now but what about Yasukuni Jinja and pray for all the war dead? 🙂 I hope you had a good time.


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