Drawn in by Mt Fuji

Leave work at Lidcombe at 5.00pm, go to the airport for the 8.30pm overnight Qantas flight from Sydney to Tokyo (Narita). This is a convenient way to get to Japan. Sure it is not the cheapest way to get there, but if you can jag a few hours sleep on the flight you can be in full visitor mode early the next morning.

About 30 minutes out of Tokyo, Mt Fuji poked is unmistakable cone through the layers of cloud. I get a thrill each time it comes in to view, as if you are being welcomed back to this place. I think I am beginning to understand the central importance of Mt Fuji to many aspects of Japanese life and culture.

Our flight was the first to land at Narita just on 6.00am. After Customs, waiting for a train, travelling 60kms, then walking to my hotel, I had joined up with my friends in Asakusa by 8.30am. Ready for a guided tour of Asakusa at 10am. Easy as!


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Taking regular visitors routes but more often just where the trains or buses go. Japan leads the way.
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