Stand up for the view

I congratulate Japan’s City and local governments for the number of public toilets around their towns. To the new traveller, you could easily think privacy comes second to accessibility and airiness. Urinals and cubicles in full view of the passing parade is common.

But this one is a bit different. In the small fishing port of Heda on the west Izu Peninsula, this view comes for free with every use of the urinal! What a distraction from the business at hand.


Heda is a very quiet place. Not for the first time on my travels I appear to have been the only gaikokujin in town.

In some of the more popular areas, I still haven’t got used to using the urinal, turning around, and seeing the diligent cleaner (woman or man). That’s an experience I am unlikely to have in my home town.

I know some folks blog about manhole covers – which I have also taken to photographing – maybe views from public toilets is my next holiday theme.


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