Ideas from the hostel notice board

Thursday night was dragging on. Beer cans strewn across the maps, nut packets ripped open, hostelers from many lands moving around the small lounge area and kitchen. And no plan for Saturday afternoon.

With a few nights in K’s House at Hiroshima, our group of 4 guys had enough time to get in the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Memorial and Peace Park, Miyajima, and Castle. Even time for a (long) day trip to Mt Aso volcano on Kyushu.

I really prefer not to over plan trips. Now with the added responsibility of the group’s tour organiser, Saturday afternoon remained frustratingly free and not organised. And hostel rooms are not really intended for much other than sleeping.

Chris Japan June 2013 192

I’ve got the left one on, what’s next?
K’s House, Hiroshima

Desperation. So to the notice board. What ideas do other intrepid travelers have? That secret place that few visitors get to? That hidden shrine? That guided tour of the Castle? That inspiring hike along breathtaking trails? That perfect photo spot? No, Sake Town!

Saijo. The centre of sake brewing in Hiroshima. Thanks to a glowing review pinned on the board, unanimous agreement was easy.

Saijo and Sake Town, here we come!


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  1. Nyasha says:

    I’ve been to the memorial park and got to pay my respects. I met an interesting Japanese man who had travelled around the world.


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