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Just when you were getting used to my whimsical tales of (so far) six trips to Japan and football, I have started another blog Escaping the nest where tall tales and true are recounted of adventures in United States, France, Italy and Germany.

I reckon there are 400 stories to write about these places. As well as another 100 left about Japan. At one or two a week, there is a few years left of writing.

If only I could give up work.


About TonyJ2

I live in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. I started writing stories about my trips to Japan largely to be able to print them out for my Mum to read. Now it has got a bit out of control. After nine trips, 100+ posts and another 200 in rough draft, my irregular postings on Having a Ball in Japan will go on for a few years yet. Having a Ball in Japan is not just a bunch of travel photos, and picks up my interests in the history and culture of Japan, emergency services and disaster management, as well as hours travelling by railways big, small and tiny. Awareness to Action takes the emergency services and disaster management theme deeper into experience and resilience. Effectively Awareness to Action is my professional blog. My partner and I have been lucky enough to do a fair bit of travel both in Australia and overseas. Escaping the Nest chronicles our times in United States, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and soon to be Ireland. Tony
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  1. Madeline says:

    Looking forward to more tales! Xx


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