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I got a Happy Anniversary notification from WordPress the other day – for 2 years of blogging. Has it actually been that long? With only 76 posts to my name, I can’t be labeled prolific.

With dozens of draft posts ready to go, what I have published so far does not necessarily depict my favorite places, people and experiences but it is a fair sample. But the anniversary did get me reflecting on my Japan experiences of those posts, and I got to re-read many of them. And damn it, I really enjoyed doing back through the Archives. Some posts even made sense and were funny.

So I thought a list of my Top 5 Posts so far would be a good collection for my loyal followers and a good sample for random drop ins. Posts that paint a fairly good picture of me, my fellow family travelers, my traveling friends, and my humble attempts to immerse myself in the culture and beauty of Japan.

Actually, I couldn’t get to five. I have eight on my list, including one that is just a photo. Buts that’s another good indicator of me.

The Top 5 (in no particular order) is:

Fire Station 21, Matsumoto. A visit organised through Yuri at Matsumoto City Government to a rural fire station. Fun, educational, respectful. Comrades.

Boy with the 1,000 Yen note. The more I look back on this story, the more I see myself being this young boy on his first adventure away from home.

Overloading the senses before getting down to eating. An izakaya in Ito recommended by K’s House Hostel staff. A kaleidoscope of colour. A family affair.

Guided along the Kumano Kodo. To walk even a few short kilometres of this World Heritage Pilgrimage Trail is sensational. Made even better with local guide Kyoko.

The Namboku Line sardine can to Saitama Stadium. Football has to get in the list, as it has been the catalyst for what are now regular visits to Japan. Squashed in with Blue Samurai fans.

Guide to Nikko World Heritage Area. On my first solo trip I connected up with Yoshiko from the Nikko Systematized Goodwill Guides. And Yoshiko’s first solo guiding.

Narai-juku to Yabuhara via the Torii Pass. This is a short walk on the old Nakasendo Highway. This post continues to be popular via website searches.

And the photo. These are not snow monkeys.

I wonder what my list will be in a years time.


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