Inside looking out from the Kaikyo Yume Tower at Shimoneseki

I know I can pack a lot into a day’s traveling. Having looped out, down and around from Hiroshima (praise to the JR Rail Pass – read about those trains here) I ended up in Shimoneseki with a little bit of daylight left.

The straits looked a bit far to walk to, and to be honest they looked rather drab and industrial. But the Kaikyo Yume Tower dominated the port skyline, not too far from Shimoneseki station. That’s my target.


I walked around a full block before finding my way in. Looking up at the mecanno set legs arching up to hold what looked like a giant golf ball on top, a strong foreboding took over. I am not good with heights, so why am I actually here?

The typically clean and functional foyer with smiling ticket sellers masked what lay behind the lift doors. A glass box that somehow pulled itself up through the steel legs, open to the elements, with a vertigo inducing rhythmic sway. With another lift dweller on board, I was not about to embarrass myself my closing my eyes, but I certainly wanted to!

Made it to the observation deck alive but sweaty. Absolutely fantastic panorama of the city, port, straits and the Inland Sea from the circular platform. Families sitting focusing on places and people below. Couples having beer and wine.


with the sun setting, the view was magnificent

But the golf ball was swinging in the wind! And that was not pleasant. I reckon only a minute passed by for me to complete the circuit and get back in the lift, crazily pressing the down button and crying out to get me back on terra firma.

A beautiful building. Probably award winning for the architech and engineer. Good on them. Give me solid land anytime.


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  1. Cheers for liking my BuildingMyBento “About Me” post, Tony!

    Fancy seeing an entry about this tower, since I found a curious invention in its lobby earlier this year (

    Who knew that one could walk from Honshu (Shimonoseki) to Kyushu (Mojiko)? Sadly, I didn’t…but Japanese trains are fascinating (as you know) so it wasn’t a complete loss!


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