Return from self imposed exile. More travel awaits.

Its been a long time since my last post.

Thanks for hanging in there, and bigger thanks to hundreds of you avid readers who urged me to return. And just at the right time!

Exciting work, rest and play approaches so I am busily drafting up posts to fire out steadily over the next two months. I have to admit there are about 300 post shells across my three blogs that range from a heading only to 95% complete. Just haven’t had the ideal conditions to pull the finger out and complete them.

But here’s what’s happening to bring me back to writing:

United Nations World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Japan and Human Dimensions of Wildland Fire Conference in United States

United Nations World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction

What is Recreation Leave for any way? Why waste it on fixing up the back yard, taking loads of junk to the tip, de-cluttering those wardrobes, or – shock, horror – sit at home and rest.

No, its to use to squeeze a few days away from the NSW Rural Fire Service to travel over to Japan to attend the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction being held in Sendai 14-18 March.

Attending might be too strong a term, because as I am traveling as a private citizen and not as an official Delegate, the many and varied WCDRR conference Public Forum events are my focus. I do intend to stand outside the main Conference Centre, with my best lost sheep face, hoping to jag a sympathy pass. Don’t expect to be successful on that score.

More on what I will be getting up to in Sendai in a later post. But suffice to say the WCDRR is a significant global event that draws together around 5,000 representatives from governments, NGO’s, communities and individuals together with the purpose of building resilience of nations and communities to disasters.

And by pure co-incidence, I will be able to take in a J-League soccer game or two as well as short visits to Yamagata and Kakunodate.

Human Dimensions of Wildland Fire Conference

In contrast to using my own time and money to get to the WCDRR in Sendai, the NSW Rural Fire Service is supporting my attendance at the Managing Fire, Understanding ourselves: Human Dimensions in Safety and Wildland Fire conference, which is a nice moniker for the joint 13th International Wildland Fire Safety Summit and 4th Human Dimensions of Wildland Fire conferences.

For this joint conference I am a member of the Program Committee, working with a great group of folks to shape the themes, presentations and workshops.

I was lucky enough to attend the first Human Dimensions of Wildland Fire in 2007 on behalf of the NSW RFS when only a volunteer and prior to being a staff member.

More to follow.


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  1. lhprod2014 says:

    I hope you were able to make a side trip to Rikuzentakata to see with your own eyes the recovery efforts the city is making.


    • TonyJ2 says:

      I certainly did get up to Rikuzentakata. Even now, the extent of the devastation is clear to see. A full post of the event will come later.


  2. TonyJ2 says:

    Reblogged this on Escaping the nest and commented:

    After Japan focused stories, plus a good measure of Disaster Risk Reduction – then follow Having a Ball in Japan, if only for the next few months!


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