Packing. Not yet competent

You would think that after a dozen overseas trips that I would be able to get packing down to a fine art. Well think again.

I am certainly a long way off being competent in the art of packing light. After every trip I write down what I did not use or could have done with out. How hard can it be?

Maybe I could start by getting out one get of those lists before I travel next time. Here’s my last horror story.

The March 2015 trip to Japan was a holiday although it was hung around the United Nations World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction held in Sendai. But I was not an Official Delegate to that event, so I really did not need for Rural Fire Service (RFS) clothing.

But for some unclear reason I did pack an RFS shirt, bulky jumper and two polo shirts. Sat in the bag the whole trip. Maybe I did that to sell on the black market if I ran out of cash.

Other stuff that stayed in bag: a second jumper, singlet (shows my age), a long sleeve shirt, track pants, micro fibre towel (who actually uses them?). So I lumbered around a very large suitcase, squeezing it into rooms just larger than the case.

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