Ok. Ok. I am wearing tights.

The universal snow symbol near Akita was a good clue that Kakunodate was not going to miss out on the upcoming cold snap. Predicted light snow from Tuesday when i was arriving, through till Friday AM, with the wind chill dropping to -12 Tuesday and rising to a great -5 by Friday.

When I got to Kakunodate it was actually a blizzard. Fantastic for this Australian used to heat and bush fires. White everywhere. I am not one for moping around the hotel foyer. I have traveled too far for that. So on with every piece of clothing and get amongst it.

Including those wooly hiking leg-ins that my kids insisted were tights. In this weather, I had everything on. Kids, I am happy to say I was wearing tights.

I don’t usually do selfies when I am getting dressed, so you will have to make do with these photos from March 10 and 11 2015, Kakunodate and Tawako, Akita Prefecture.

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