Musashi Shrine at Mt Mitake

When Tokyo gets discussed, the only image conjured up by most visitors is concrete and people. Yet as soon as you leave the flat land conurbation, extensive hills, mountains and forests beckon. Ome in western Tokyo is one of those places where sensory overloads of central Tokyo can be left behind.

The Mitake Tozan Railway delivered us up the mountain. Now our feet take us around the Mt Mitake precinct and the revered Musashi Shrine. On a good day you can look back to the high rises of central Tokyo, Mount Tsukuba, Boso Peninsula, and the Yokohama Landmark Tower.

As usual our first stop was the Visitor Centre to grab a map. The day Veronica and I were there just a few visitors to share the wide pathways that wound up to Musashi Shrine. The stone steps leading up to the Shrine entrance were beautiful. But steep – as often is the case!

The Musashi Mitake Shrine is dedicated to the temple built by Buddhist priest Gyōki in honor of the mountain deity Zao Gongen in the year 736.







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4 Responses to Musashi Shrine at Mt Mitake

  1. Is it name from Mushashi Miyamoto the Samurai?


    • TonyJ2 says:

      I certainly am no scholar of Japan history. However Dr Google seems to suggest the Musashi Shrine is not connected to Musashi Miyamoto. Although someone might correct us both!


  2. Thank you Tony, I did not know about Mt Mitake….it is near Tokyo 23wards, I should go see the holy tree!
    Do you know Mt. Takao? it’s popular place too!


    • TonyJ2 says:

      Hi thanks for the comment. I am just about to take the post down because as you can see I did not finish it before the ‘schedule’ came up!

      Yes Mt Mitake is about 2 hours westwards by train. A great day trip!


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