Osorezan: is ethereal worth it?

You may have gauged already that I really enjoy riding trains in Japan. So on this fine and warmish autumn day I was looking forward to the 2 hour trip on local lines from Aomori to Shimokita via Noheji.

The few early views of the coast line made way for relatively flat and somewhat featureless rural areas making up most of the land in between the very spaced out villages and towns. It was a relief to get to Shimokita to transfer to a bus!

Within a hour on the bus Osorezan was before us. I have read a bit about the local festivals, the temples, the spiritual origins and the desolate winter – those I could comprehend. However this autumn visit just seemed not to be necessary.

Sure it is an ethereal landscape with picturesque but poisonous acidic lake, a lakeside beach, and walks through bubbling volcanic pools. its very interesting to look around. Maybe if you were staying or praying it would have more appeal.

Within an hour of getting to Osorezan, it was over. Time to walk.


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