3 Days in ….

I have traveled to Japan nine times now, spending nearly 6 months moving about in large, small and very small places. With those experiences I can provide some really sound advice about getting the best out of a short stay in Japan.

I will be bundling my detailed posts under the places that I have stayed, building a rough guide “3 Days in ….” for the areas around the 25+ places across the 18 Prefectures I have stayed in thus far.

And another couple of hints for whatever you plan to do:

  • you will find 100 things to do – don’t try to do them all. Chose a small number and try to immerse yourself.
  • in the same way, limit your stopovers. Stay in one place for a minimum of three nights. There always be a variety of sights and experiences, where ever you are.
  • Go to the local visitor information booth, often at the main railway station.
  • Take up any local volunteer guide service you can find. Your experience will be so much richer when a local shows you around.

Maybe you can add some of these “3 day” ideas to your next Japan itinerary.

  • Aichi Prefecture: Nagoya
  • Akita Prefecture: Kakunodate
  • Aomori Prefecture: Aomori
  • Gifu Prefecture: Takayama
  • Hiroshima Prefecture: Hiroshima
  • Iwate Prefecture: Kamaishi, Morioka
  • Kyoto Prefecture: Kyoto
  • Miyagi Prefecture: Sendai
  • Nagano Prefecture: Matsumoto, Nagano
  • Nara Prefecture: Nara
  • Okayama Prefecture: Okayama
  • Osaka Prefecture: Osaka
  • Saitama Prefecture: Misato
  • Shizuoka Prefecture: Ito, Mishima
  • Tochigi Prefecture: Nikko
  • Tokyo Prefecture: Akabane, Akasaka, Asakusa, Kuramae, Marunouchi, Ueno
  • Wakayama Prefecture: Kawayu Onsen
  • Yamagata Prefecture: Yamagata