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JR Metropolitan Hotel Marunouchi, worth the splurge

Fair to say that 5 Stars is punching well above my usual accommodation level when getting around Japan. 3 Star business hotels are the norm. The JR Metropolitan Hotel Marunouchi (Tokyo) has such a good reputation and is close to … Continue reading

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Kawayu Onsen – better second time around

There is something exotic and very reflective of the heart of Japan to stay in an old wooden ryokan, a fast flowing river in front before big hills that surround. Add to that open air hot spring baths. Kawayu Onsen … Continue reading

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The cold, the old and the bold

My return to Japan in March revolved around attending the United Nations third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (WCDRR). Posts about that amazing event, the organisations and the people around the world putting their energies into mitigating the impacts … Continue reading

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Another little train that could: Akita Nairuki Railway Line

Blizzard conditions had cut short the visit to Lake Tazawako, restricting my time there to an enjoyable loop around the lake on a scheduled local bus from Tazawako. Returning to Kakunodate JR station, I spied a forlorn a single carriage … Continue reading

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Is anyone else here in Setoda? (getting there)

The day trip from Hiroshima did not turn into Hangover #5 as Saijo sake town was in its quiet period after the brewing season. But now with some time to kill, our intrepid tour guide (me) started to fret about … Continue reading

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Station visitor information offices have ……

It seems like every JR destination has a small visitor information kiosk or office within the station area, or just outside. The same can be said for the numerous private railway line operators as well. Promoting local cultural sites, places … Continue reading

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Inside looking out from the Kaikyo Yume Tower at Shimoneseki

I know I can pack a lot into a day’s traveling. Having looped out, down and around from Hiroshima (praise to the JR Rail Pass – read about those trains here) I ended up in Shimoneseki with a little bit … Continue reading

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