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Finding that special Asakusa place again

Sometimes a dining experience sticks in your mind. The company. Getting dressed up to match. The long line of eager diners anticipating the fare, having been excited by the critic’s words. The artistically plated chef’s specialty. Just one Michelin Star, … Continue reading

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Nagoya Grampus fans. Oh what a night!

So the trip to Japan this time around was all about this. A soccer game. Andrew, Dean, Madeline and I had come armed with Central Coast Mariners trinkets, to swap with Nagoya Grampus fans after the final whistle. Outside the … Continue reading

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The Mariners never looked like winning – but who cared?

Tuesday 15th May, 2012 So, the game that drew us to Japan (again) has come and gone and only now am I getting around to indexing the hundreds of photos, and compiling the videos I did not know I had … Continue reading

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Don’t miss the last train – to and From Mizuho Stadium, Nagoya

For more tips and tricks for the Central Coast Mariners v Nagoya Grampus Eight go here. Getting back to Kyoto or Osaka without being stranded Thankfully the game starts at 7:00pm, so will end around 9:00pm. The last (and only) … Continue reading

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Nagoya Grampus Eight in Nagoya

For tips on accessing the Mizuho Stadium in Nagoya for the big game on Tuesday 15th May, and getting to and from Nagoya, look here

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