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First hand account of Disaster Resilience education at work

I am in Japan again. Usually on one day I take some time to do ‘work’ around the management of disasters. This time I caught up with someone who I saw present at the UN World Conference on Disaster Risk … Continue reading

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The expensive long weekend is over

Hey, what’s money anyway? I often say to family and friends when the prospect of me and/or Veronica travelling comes up in conversation – I don’t spend my money at the pub or on the pokies, travel is my 50’s … Continue reading

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Leaving Japan earlier than planned

I finally got to K’s House Hostel in Kuramae about 9:00pm and after checking in, went looking for food and a telephone. I had bought a 1,000Y phone card at the Hostel which should get me about 20 minutes talk … Continue reading

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QF21 last plane in to Narita

Qantas did a great job at short notice to put us up for the night. On returning to the airport at 8:00am for the planned 10:00am flight, Qantas were still not sure if the flight was going to leave on … Continue reading

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I could help if I really wanted to

I tend to shy away from aggressive situations, and have a particularly well developed disdain for violence, drunkenness and loutish behaviour. So how was I going to fit in with a bunch of rusted-on Sydney FC soccer fans? This question … Continue reading

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So you got to Tokyo. Why?

There are a myriad of thoughts as news broke and the ‘inconvenience’ this might cause to my holiday….its more than 250kms from Tokyo…very little damage in Tokyo…I wasn’t going to the affected area….I have spent a fair whack of money … Continue reading

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A necessary change of plans

The earthquake and tsunami north-east of Tokyo on Friday 11th March was breaking news as Veronica drove in to pick me up from work, to take me to Sydney Airport for QF21 leaving at 10:05pm. As Veronica rang with the … Continue reading

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